rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


If I were in New York right now, I could be freezing my ass off with my windows open, and Sluggo would be working, more or less. Instead, I'm comfortably cool and the Slug is making me happy that I'll probably be done with him in about a week. Then I'll stop being ungrateful for the pleasant early spring.

I'm wondering if the cloud of poison ash farted out by Mount St. Helens will drift down this way. I'll bet it's going to make some very nice sunsets and sunrises if it does. When Seattle ends up like Pompeii, I'll have to find another site at which to write about them, though. I think that DeadJournal's servers are in California somewhere. That will be fine, at least until the earthquake comes along.

I'm really too excited to concentrate on writing now, anyway. A real computer! I can go back to not hating the color blue!

Early next week, if all goes well.
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