rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


14 LJ comment notifications at once. Whatever was causing the constipation has been fixed. I'm pretty sure it was at LJ's end, though, because I was getting other mail the whole time, and there has been no sudden outpouring from anywhere else.

The balmy weather continues. Spring has well and truly arrived. The oaks are putting out leaves, and the lower half of the apple orchard is a cloud of pink blossoms. The white blossoms of the northern half will undoubtedly appear shortly. The aged cat who lives across the street is now spending her afternoons napping outdoors, after having spent the winter in the house. Today, a salesman of double-pane windows came to my door wearing shorts. I went to Safeway, and their air conditioning was on. When I emerged from the store, I realized how warm the day was. Ah, spring. It's a good thing that my time of dependence on Sluggo is coming to an end. He'd never survive April.
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