rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Clocks Go Crazy

Time went out of whack today, and everything happened at an unaccustomed hour, or didn't happen at all.

Also, Sluggo may be replaced within a week. We shall see.

As Sluggo is definitely going to be replaced eventually, I'm looking around for open source software to stuff onto his replacement. (If we have a few cool nights, I'm thinking of making the Slug download it and burn it to CD.) I'll keep AdAware and Spybot Search and Destroy, of course, but I haven't decided on which fire wall or anti virus program to get for the new computer yet. There are probably other things that would be useful, as well, though not essential. I'll have plenty of hard drive space to play around with, and more up-time to do it in. Oh, definitely Firefox, and maybe Mozilla Mail. Suggestions accepted.

Time being disrupted reminds me that everybody's time will be disrupted soon. Daylight Saving Time is almost here. I'll be happy to have the mornings re-darkened for a while.

It was pleasant today, but warmer. Slug needs to nap already.

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