rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Clearing,With Scattered Bird Droppings

Stars are out, even the small ones glittering nicely, as the waning moon has not yet risen. It took most of the day for the clouds to clear out, and afternoon presented a theatrical display of vast, white draperies parting to reveal the declining sun. Dozens of birds emerged, decorating every tree and lawn, filling the air with chirps and trills and assorted squawks. The air is entirely shirt-sleevy again. I've left the windows open in hope that the night breezes will soothe Sluggo into a co-operative mood. For the moment, he's still a bit cranky. has been revamped, and is now playing nicely with Opera. (I hadn't posted there for a while because I don't like firing up the other browsers.) Take a look at pictures from exotic places around the world- yes, even Canada- and post something yourself.

Stolen link: Goatse Cookies If you don't know what this is about, trust me- you don't want to know!

Eleven o'clock. Daily Show. Nap, Sluggo.

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