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Ride [Feb. 26th, 2005|05:27 am]
I got hung up looking at goatloads of pictures of Pacific Electric and L.A. Railway streetcars at Dave's Electric Railroads tonight. Most of them were taken before I was born, but a few of the lines were still running when I was a kid, and we used them a few times. I always liked streetcars, whether riding them or just looking at them. I especially liked the way the trolly would crackle and let off blue sparks and a puff of ozone when it went through an intersection where the wires of two lines crossed. There was a particular electric smell which would linger in the air after this happened. Cities just don't smell as good without it.

I checked one of my e-mail in boxes that I open about once a week and found a notice from G-mail (which I never bothered to sign up for) containing an invitation and the interesting information that they will now allow POP access to their accounts. POP for free. Well, they're getting very serious about this whole kicking-everybody-else's-asses thing, I guess. I suppose I might give in and sign up. Not that I really need yet another e-mail account, but once Google takes over everything, G-mail will probably become mandatory for everybody with a computer anyway, so I might as well get it over with. I certainly don't want to be arrested by the Google Police for being out of step with their plans for virtual world domination.

The weekend appears to have arrived again. I can only tell by looking at the newspaper. The one that just arrived says it's Saturday. My days all being pretty much alike, I'd never know if I weren't told. The only thing that reminds me to do the Sunday Verse is the sound of that day's particularly large paper smacking the driveway at about four o'clock. Some day I'm going to try having an actual weekend again, as I used to do. I wonder if I'll remember how?

The clouds have not returned, nor is there fog this morning. The moon is shamelessly naked, waiting for the sun to conceal it. I haven't even heard any flocks of waterfowl tonight. Maybe I was too engrossed in the vanished world to be aware of what occurred in this one. I won't blame myself. This one is being rather dull at the moment. It's probably best if I go to sleep now, before I'm tempted to go back and look at more pictures.