rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mildness Again

Low overcast is nice. Late in the afternoon, the gray air begins to glow, taking on a faint red-gold hue. In lieu of a sunset, there is this blushing hour which slowly fades to night. Tonight, the overcast remains in the valley, but the mountain skies have cleared. It will cool off here in a while, but the valley will remain almost balmy all night long. I'm pleased not to be down there tonight.

Sluggo, of course, was not happy with the mildness. The days he can endure are rapidly coming to an end, and I have not yet replaced him. I'm wondering if I can squeeze a bit more time from him if I have his CPU remounted to its heat sink with that thermally efficient glue they now make. I'm sure it wasn't to begin with. Poor, ill-made Sluggo.

I'm off to lurk about the computer bargain web sites for a few minutes now.

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