rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Overnight, cheerful pink blossoms have burst out on our diminutive peach tree. The cherry blossoms can't be for behind. The day was even warmer than I expected, its soft drifts of cirrus clouds, the pale blue sky, and brilliant sunshine all bespeaking the early arrival of spring. The unexpected guest has set the birds into a frenzy of gathering and chirping, and squirrels were out playing, one pair setting up a ruckus as they chased each other about a neighbor's rooftop. More flowers are blooming, inviting a surprising number of hummingbirds to feast. I've seen more hummingbirds today than I can recall ever seeing in a single day before- over a dozen were about in one short period, and three pairs were in the yard at one time. Unless winter has some vindictive trick yet to play, I believe we are about to experience a most vivid spring.

The frog chorus, which had been silent during the recent drenching rains, is singing once again, its boggy home now replenished. The owls began hooting soon after dusk, and still more flocks of waterfowl are adding their voices to the evening concert as they fly north. Even with the bright light of the rising moon they remain unseen, but the air is seldom without their calls. One more indication of the change of season is the tickling of my nose, already beginning to feel the distress of fresh pollen that has been released by all those prematurely blooming plants. Well, no season is perfect.

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