rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

None of That

As afternoon progressed, the sky darkened to that deep gray which often presages an intense downpour, and the wind began to stir and make the pines moan. I waited anxiously for the spectacle to arrive, but it never did. I have heard that furious rain fell in the valley, and far up the slopes, but by the time the saturated clouds reached my house they had been wrung almost dry, and we were treated to no more than a rerun of the recent sprinkles. Too bad. Now the clouds are breaking again, and the nearly-full moon has emerged. A few nights ago when it was slightly gibbous, I saw it briefly emerge from a mass of cloud which had opened a shape like an eye, and the moon was its bright iris, glaring at me. There will probably be no such scene tonight.

CNN has posted on its web site a short piece mostly about our step mom. She'll be pleased at the attention, I'm sure. I'm still worried about what grandpa Barak and his short-time companion Joi might get up to, and what impact their behavior might have on us. They're a secretive pair.

I unintentionally left the heater vent open, and now the room is too warm, even with the windows open. It will probably be an hour or two before it cools off enough to keep Sluggo happy. Thus, other things now.

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