rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Happy No President's Birthday Day

I, for one, am surprised that he survived as long as he did, given the things he ingested, and the quantities. Someday his grave will be declared hazardous.

A bit of very late moonlight is casting its glow on the clouds far to the west. Earlier, a thin spot in the storm allowed a ghostly moon to shine brightly enough to make vague shadows appear. Then the rain returned, sprinkling lightly for a few hours. Now it is being dispersed by a rising wind. There will probably be more later today, but I think the storm is almost spent. Perhaps it will depart as a veil of fog, which they often do this time of year. I'd enjoy a nice fog.

A nephew has spent the night, and the cat has been distressed by his presence. She cannot abide visitors. Thus, she has been in and out all night, providing me with endless interruptions. I expect the coming night to be more peaceful, and it will likely be colder as well, should the storm depart, leaving clear skies in its wake. The cat will stay in and sleep, and I will get something done, perhaps.

The day I took the picture looking east across Concow Reservoir which I posted yesterday, I made a second shot, looking a bit more north than east. I've never decided which one I prefer, so here's the other one. As always, keep clicking through to reach the immense file.

Concow Reservoir 2
Concow Reservoir 2

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