rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rain Again

The wetness is intense right now. An hour of steady rain has kept the downspout filled, and it sounds like a rushing mountain stream as the water debouches into the deepening pool which has formed at its base. The house will probably survive the undermining of this single corner of its foundations. After a winter of mostly sluggish storms which merely drizzled or sprinkled, this energetic downpour is a delight. I'm sure that the poor camellias will be torn from the bush by all this furious beating, and morning will reveal their sodden forms littering the walk, but I don't care. It's worth the sacrifice of a few premature blossoms to have such music.

Afternoon gave no indication of what was to come. The sky, though mostly cloudy, appeared more moody than stormy, and dozens of birds, including a robin, flitted and frolicked about the yard with boisterous cheer. I expected the waxing moon to break through, but evening brought instead a lowering sky of ever-denser clouds which soon unleashed this torrent. Perhaps there will even be some thunder later. The cold air certainly feels charged. We shall see, but mostly I shall listen. This is better than frogs.

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