rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Back and Forth

I hear flocks of birds flying north, and then more birds flying south, and then more flying north again. They are as confused as I am. It was clear for a while, the land flooded with moonlight, then the clouds returned and it rained. Then it cleared again, and the moonlight glittered on a newly dampened landscape. Now the clouds are back, covering all but a few starry patches of sky. I'm getting weather whiplash.

The cat has been spending most of her time sleeping for the last couple of days. I think she got in a fight a few days ago, and might have picked up an infection, though she has no fever. Eventually, she's going to have to learn that she's too old to run strange cats off the property. I sometimes think that cats must find it even more difficult than humans to accept that they are aging. Sunni was still trying to pick fights a few weeks before she died, and would have succeeded in doing so (and gotten her ass kicked) had I not been keeping a close eye on her. Kitties are masters of denial.

My old PictureTrail account has gone dead, which means that all my old posts with pictures in them have dead links, except for the half-dozen or so that I've posted since LJ added photo hosting to paid accounts. I have no idea when I'll get around to tracking them down and uploading the pictures to scrapbook and replacing the HTML so that they will come back to life. I suppose it's unlikely that anybody will be looking at those pages, anyway, so there's no rush. I never even look at them myself. This Internet stuff sure is a lot of bother to maintain.

Hey, the rain is falling again! I guess the birds will be flying over again in a few minutes. I hope to be asleep by then, though. Saturday. Nothing of importance is likely to happen. Not if I can help it!

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