rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

NOT the Usual Weather Crap

Teh Internets can be fun. I wandered onto a blogspot page with some stuff about "Jeff Gannon", the faux journalist who was apparently hired by the GOP to feed easy questions to El Jeffe President Bush at press conferences. The page is four days old, and this is probably old meme already, but it looks as though "Jeff Gannon" had a career in prostitution before becoming... well, another kind of prostitute. The page contains links to pages (nabbed by the Internet Archive) of web sites on which "Jeff" advertised his services as a male escort. Well, ex-Marines have to eat, too, you know, and if they haven't yet been hired (at a handsome sum, I have no doubt) to pretend to be journalists, I guess it's any port in a storm.

Blithely ignoring the warning that some of the links contained porn, I went ahead and clicked. I must say, "Jeff" has quite a chunk on him! Some of the pictures show his face, too, and it certainly does look like the same guy we've seen on television asking the Commander in Chief (and, by the way, isn't it interesting how the association of a phrase with any sort of porn makes it seem sort of smutty?) easy questions and adding the gratuitous observation that the Democrats are out of touch with reality. Touch. Heh. There it goes again!

It probably is the same guy, which leads me to wonder why the party didn't do a better job of vetting him. Or did they vet him but just not care about his background? If the latter, I'd say it's a good sign. That they have hired a gay male prostitute, and for so public a task, must be a sign that the Republicans are less hidebound than their rhetoric indicates. Actions, after all, speak louder than words. Actions. Heh heh heh.

But, now that he's been publicly exposed as a fraud, I guess that "Jeff" will be losing the cushy press corps job. I won't worry about him starving, though. The reviews given him by some of his tricks (and posted as links in the Americablog article) are quite positive. I'm sure that he can return to his former profession with ease, despite the fact that he has been outed as being 40 years old, rather than the 32 which he claimed on his web sites. I'm sure there are plenty of guys who are attracted to older tops with 8" uncut- even a top who has made an exception to his rule of dominance, and bent for Bush.

Little about this affair surprises me, of course. I've long since learned that politics does, indeed, make strange bedfellows. However, I must admit to being just a bit surprised that the Wayback Machine archives porn sites. I don't know why it never occurred to me that they would, since their intention is to preserve big swaths of the Internet for the benefit of future researchers. Porn being a big part of the Internet, an archive that didn't include it would be rather misleading. But I just never thought of it before- all those naked pictures and such just sitting there on the servers, waiting to inform future generations what e-life was like in the early days of the Internet. It's a bit odd to think that, a hundred years from now, when "Jeff" is moldering away in the ground, guys with a taste for bald, pale, middle-aged muscle boys who grabbed for their fifteen minutes and ended up in the midst of scandal could be masturbating to his digital pictures. Yeah, teh Internets is fun, and funny, too.

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