rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The mildness grows ever milder. There is a perceptible increase in the density of the apple orchard as the buds form. Though each is small, in their thousands they form a hazy veil which begins to obscure the distant view. By night, the headlights of the cars which pass beyond it no longer flicker brightly through bare branches, but create only a soft, moving glow, like a flitting will-o-the-wisp. Soon, the growth of foliage will again hide the deer, and the irrigation will begin. The nights will be filled with the sound of sprinklers, and the damp in the air will be theirs, not the rain's.

But tonight, the clouds are attempting to regroup. Should they succeed, there might be more rain tomorrow. The frogs and I will be pleased. I won't need to go out, as I got all my running around town done today. There are light bulbs, there is cat food, and there is chocolate. All the necessities are taken care of. Now all I have to do is sit back and watch Sluggo bluescreen at me. Life is semi-good.

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