rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I've read too much today, and on a computer monitor at that, and now my brain hurts.

Nevertheless, I'm delighted at the moment, because an unexpected rain has begun to fall. While it isn't a blustery, intense winter rain (I'd certainly enjoy one of those), but a soft and cool spring-like rain, it has still freshened everything, and the smell of the wet landscape is as pleasant as the sound of splashing and trickling. I'm looking forward to a whole night of it. I hope it doesn't disappoint me and end too soon.

I've had to filter a few people from the default view of my friends page because they all posted that LJ friends icon meme without an LJ-cut, and there's no way Sluggo can handle downloading 400+ unique icons to one page, especially over a dialup connection. They may be less than 40K each, but they add up- I estimate that I was going to have to load somewhere between four and eight megs of little pictures. Sluggo said no.

Note to self: remember to undo the filters tomorrow.

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