rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


What with all the unintentional naps I've been taking, my schedule has grown wildly unpredictable. Were my sense of adventure not also taking a nap (and a very long one), I'd be enjoying this. As it is, I'm merely irritated at the disruption it causes. The good news is that the cold I was coming down with has apparently given up the fight and gone away. Tomorrow night I can probably go back to sitting in this chilly room without fear of relapse. Yay. More Sluggo time.

I forgot to mention that I saw a bunny yesterday. It was clearly not a wild bunny. I've only seen a few wild bunnies around here, perhaps half a dozen in the last decade. This bunny was apparently an escaped pet. It would hop a short way, then stop and look around at the strange environment, then hop a bit more. The wild bunnies are much more purposeful and less inquisitive. They are eager to get where they are going. They are also not fuzzy black and white bunnies, as this one was, but plain gray rabbits with long ears. I hope it found its way home. Domesticated bunnies don't have much chance of survival in a place like this. If the dogs don't munch them, then they end up as road kill.

There were lots of stars earlier, but now the clouds are returning, blotting most of them out. I'm sure the clouds won't last long, though. It will be another semi-balmy day in the mid-60s. At least the nights are still cold. I want more winter. I might not get it. I'm about to be displeased.

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