rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Something to Sneeze At

The aconite appears to be working once again. If I don't sit in front of this open window for too long and end up with pneumonia, the cold will probably not take hold. The sneezing is gone, and there's only a bit of cough, and the headache is barely noticeable. But I've still got that hyperactivity of the brain which colds usually bring me. There were strange dreams last night, too, which left only fragmentary impressions. It's odd how viral infections so often leave me feeling inexplicably cheerful. Maybe that's just an effect of the medication, though.

I also feel somewhat detached from the present moment. there was a soft rain for most of last night, and intermittent showers today, leading to a partly cloudy afternoon of glistening streets and flocks of happy birds pecking at the wet ground. I couldn't smell any of it, though, because of the residual stuffiness of my nose. Yet the pleasant scene was unable to hold my attention. My mind wandered, and other rains from other years became more real than that which had only just ceased. I know that this virus induced bout of nostalgia and all the images it has brought to mind will evaporate within hours, though. That always happens. Colds for me are like little vacations from the real world, during which I get high and then remember almost nothing once they are done.

Time to go get warm.

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