rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Too Soon

Day is all barking squirrels, chattering birds, cat fights, and the sound of a rake somewhere. What is there to rake this time of year? I'm awake early again. Whoever keeps moving things into the long-vacant house next door was there again this morning, making noise. For almost a year, they have come about once a week, putting things in that house, and yet nobody ever moves in. Today, they woke me a few times, but I settled back into sleep after each, until their voices, distorted in a dream to become a discussion I was overhearing, (about a movie of which someone disapproved, it seemed, and my dream self was trying to figure out if I was listening to people who were actually present or to the disembodied voices of a talk radio show) took on a tone I found distressing, and this finally brought me fully awake. Then there was the closing of car doors and the noise of engines and departure. They had vanished by the time I had gotten my windows open. It was barely noon. Now I feel oddly displaced under this hazy sky the color of a bright pearl reflecting blue water. I keep wishing I were somewhere else, or maybe just still asleep. It's time to figure out what to do with the rest of yet another unexpected day.

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