rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Again

Instead of turning to fog, the evening haze rose up and dissipated, leaving a clear sky for the stars. Later, a few wispy clouds formed to greet the waning crescent of moon which had barely cleared the treetops before the soft glow it cast over night was outshone by the brash porch light of my early rising neighbor. Earlier, I saw a single meteor streak toward Mount Lassen. I don't know if any animals visited during the three hours when I took yet another unintentional nap. The chair is too comfy. The room was too cold, as well, and I grabbed a blanket to use as a lap robe. This led to an unprecedented event. The last cat has lived here for more than a dozen years, and has never sat on my lap until tonight. She found the soft blanket irresistible, and hopped up to knead it for several minutes. I've seldom been more surprised.

The cold has felt more intense following yesterday's balmy air. The plunge was extreme, and makes me suspect that the brief false spring is coming to an end. Most likely, the prematurely blooming flowers have suffered from the chill tonight. Another such night and they will begin to turn brown. I suppose there's a lesson there, too obvious to be mentioned.

Look! I didn't turn Sluggo off before five o'clock. In fact, I didn't turn him on until after five o'clock, when I woke from the unintended nap. I'll turn him off now, before the sun sneaks its early glow above the horizon. I don't know what's becoming of my schedule. The weather has set a bad example for me, I guess.

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