rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Short Time

I've decided that Sluggo has to be shut down before five o'clock each morning. I need at least half an hour of no stimulation before I can get to sleep, and Sluggo is way to stimulating. Well, what Sluggo shows me on the Internets is way too stimulating, and Sluggo himself is way too infuriating. The best way to get to sleep is for my brain to shut up, and my brain has an unfortunate tendency to diesel. Maybe I need a sensory deprivation tank.

There is a haze dimming the stars tonight. It is like gauze floating through the sky, or like a few drops of cream stirred into a cup of tea. Tomorrow Today is supposed to be even warmer than yesterday. It will be a nice day to go out, but a terrible day to use the Slug. I probably won't be around much. Even a few mild days have been enough to make me fall way behind in such tasks as keeping my inbox reasonably clear. If I get the chance, I'm going to go looking at computers within the next couple of days. The Slug has been with me for more than four years now, and I know he's terminal. I'm not even sure he'll last until I can get a replacement. If I vanish for a while, blame Sluggo.

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