rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hummingbird in Repose

This unaccustomed view of early afternoon that I am experiencing is the result of another unintentional nap. Last night, which was all wind and sparkling stars, had a hypnotic effect on me. One minute, about three o'clock, I was sitting on the couch thinking about firing up Sluggo, and the next, I woke up and it was seven in the morning. Despite the allure of the blue and rose shades of dawn, I knew that this was no time for me to start a day, so I buried myself under covers and went back to sleep, managing to remain comatose until shortly after mid day. Thus it is that I now find myself blinking at a sun washed bright green world filled with the sound of chirping birds. Moments ago, I saw something which looked like a small, dark, twisted leaf rising up from a bare mulberry twig. It moved, and I saw that it had a beak. I realized that it was a small hummingbird- the first I've seen this year- and that it had taken a moment to sit rather than hover. It looked about a few times, and then was gone, as quickly as the sleep-stolen hours of the night. Now I must decide what to do with the rest of the day. It's been so long, I really haven't a clue.
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