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Pleasing [Jan. 21st, 2005|11:05 pm]
The clouds must have decided to hang around the beach for another day, as almost none of them showed up here. Instead, we had spring-like sunshine, unimpeded by masses of spring foliage, and all the grass, thick and lush from its recent drenching, shone vivid green in the brightness. The windows were opened wide, and the house flooded with fresh, cool air. Winter seems, for the moment, to have been blown off course by some mischievous wind, for which I am grateful. This break may last but a day or two, but the change itself is invigorating. Dusting has been done, and vacuuming, and an accumulation of things has been discarded. It was a pre-spring cleaning. I was tempted to make iced tea, but didn't want to tempt fate. I like to have January enlivened by a mild day or two, but I don't want a heat wave.