rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Again

Though the room is quite chilly, it's been too warm for poor Sluggo tonight. He's taken several sudden naps, and now he refuses to find the LJ client, so I must post from the web update page. What an annoying little bugger he is. I'm now getting blue screens with errors reported from something called VxD voltrack, which I am assuming (assuming, since I know that even if I looked it up at Microsoft's knowledge base, I wouldn't understand 98% of the information there) has something to do with the power supply. Sluggo's power supply, by the way, is a small, fan-free black box with the name KINPO on it, and a bunch of numbers an electrician would understand. It looks to have been made about 1950. Sluggo has time-travelled to get it, I'm sure, just so he can have one more thing with which to piss me off.

The sky is already turning a lovely cerulean, with a blush of pink above the mountains. The first crow of the day just cawed, and the bare branches, now etched black against the brightening sky, will soon be filled with other birds, singing brightly to keep me awake. I've yet again failed in my goal of getting to sleep before dawn. Thanks, Sluggo. Ah, well. Tomorrow Today is another day.

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