rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cold and Avian-Free

The moon had gone, and I stood in the quiet chill watching the stars, when I realized that I've heard fewer waterfowl this year than last. I remember how frequently they filled the night with their calls last year. It might have been the relative mildness of that winter, which encouraged them to make nocturnal excursions to the mountain lakes. This year, they must be remaining close to their valley marshlands, because of the cold. Of course, I'm spending less time outdoors myself, so maybe I'm just less likely to be out when they pass. I miss hearing them.

I miss being able to feel my toes when I've been out for more than a few minutes, too. Toes are very useful for maintaining balance when walking. Some thicker socks might be a good idea, though they would never make up for bad circulation. If I could find a way to transfer Sluggo's excess heat to my hands and feet, then we would both be better off. I fear that, in the absence of such a technology, we are an incompatible couple. Someday we will part. He will go someplace perpetually cold, and I will go to Honolulu. But I get custody of the journal. Sluggo can keep Windows. I'll send him an e-mail once in a while, but he'll crash, and lose it. The relationship was doomed from the start.

A few days ago, the phrase "blague-o-sphere" came to me. Then I thought up "Slashdotards." I think I'm due for a third. I wonder what it will be?

I keep intending to go to bed before morning light, and things keep interfering. Oddly, I actually felt sleepy about four o'clock this morning, but didn't take advantage of it. Maybe that was a mistake. Now I feel wide awake. I'm going to bed anyway. I will think dull thoughts (as easily done as said, for me) and maybe the mood will come back.

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