rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

A Palpable Chill

I've only been awake for less than 14 hours, so it's going to be difficult to sleep. If I leave the windows open a bit longer, though, it might get cold enough in here that I will pass out from hypothermia. Yeah, that'll work.

There are some programs I'd like to install on Sluggo that require Microsoft's .NET package, which I don't have. I checked the update site tonight, and it turns out that the download would take two hours, according to their estimate. Their estimates are usually too short, so I'd figure on three hours, at least. Crap. I don't think the Slug would be able to handle that, even in this icy weather. I also need something called (by the web site offering another piece of software I want to install) Service Pack 6A (which I think means IE 6 Service Pack 1), and that would take more than another hour. I hate being on dial-up.

No rain fell again tonight, but the unbroken mass of clouds concealed both moon and stars. The rain is predicted to continue through Monday, at least. It's a traffic jam of storm clouds! I may never see the sunlight again! At this point, a bit of fog would make a nice change, but I don't think we'll get any.

Did some reading tonight, about Lotta Crabtree, at a web site devoted to San Francisco history. She spent most of her childhood in the mining town of Grass Valley, a few dozen miles south of Paradise (as the crow flies), but her later years took her to places far more glamorous. What a remarkable character she was. The links from that page lead to information about her that I'd never heard before, the most interesting bit being that the remnants of her once considerable fortune are today, about 80 years after her death, held by a foundation which provides loans to New England farmers.

I will try to sleep now, though I'm still not tired.

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