rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We finally got to see actual blue sky again, though by the time I was awake, the sun itself was hidden behind clouds that lingered in the west. The rain must have continued most of the morning, because only a small patch of snow remains on the lawn. I'm not sorry to see it gone. It was nasty, slushy snow, anyway. Much better to see white in the sky, where a few feathery clouds blithely floated, making neither threats nor promises.

The storm has not been gone long enough for the ground to dry, and the trees are still streaked with dark strips of damp, but the relative brightness of the day has pleased me. A week of cloudy afternoons had obscured the lengthening of days, and I was a bit surprised that it was still light after five o'clock. I feel as though I've just unwrapped a present. Now, with nightfall, the revealed sky is filled with stars, and Orion has risen in the east. Though still cold, the air feels just a bit milder tonight. Winter has settled down for a nap. I'll step softly, as I don't want to wake him.

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