rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More of the Same

It's getting colder again. The snow level is expected to drop to 3000 feet. A much wetter storm is on the way. At our elevation, this will probably mean some furious rain, and maybe some hail and sleet. Sleet is nasty stuff, but at least it never stays around for long. I was hoping to be able to get out for some shopping this week, but it looks like I won't be able. The hole in my sheet is getting bigger, and my toe gets caught in it. The task can't be put off much longer. I wish I knew how to darn.

Everybody else in the house has been feeling poorly for the last couple of days, and that is keeping me busier than usual. Well, everybody but the cat. She is currently having her anticipated morning fit. She went out for a few minutes, but was unable to work off any of her energy, her distaste for falling water having confined her to the small covered area of the porch. She came back in after a short while, and decided that it was time to romp. I hope she doesn't wake everybody up.

Only three days left of the year. My brain feels as though it were stuffed with wool, except that it isn't warm. Maybe it's stuffed with steel wool. I hope the cat soon exhausts herself with her games, so I can go to sleep.

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