rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The persistent days of rain have prevented the cat from getting out for her usual exercise, so she's beginning to get cat lunacy, running up and down the hall, leaping onto the backs of chairs, pouncing on phantom mice, and opening every cupboard door she can reach. So much pent up energy! If I could get her to run on a treadmill, she would probably produce enough electricity to power my reading lamp, and I wouldn't have to worry about breakable objects being bumped from the shelves she insists on exploring. She's quieted down a bit now, having worn herself out (and some of the upholstery, as well), and is napping in her favorite chair. I expect that she'll be up and ready for a new round of frolic before morning, though.

It appears as though the year will end by being dissolved, as the rain is now being predicted to continue through Friday. There have been times here when it rained every day for weeks on end, so I'm imagining not seeing the sun until February. I don't think I'd be pleased at that. I know for sure that the cat wouldn't. My preference would be for a sunny New Year's Day. I begin to suspect that I won't get it, though. I'm willing to settle for the power not going off. That, and a big bowl of popcorn.

Oh, the trash truck had trouble with its compactor device this Tuesday morning, and then sat idling fifty feet from my widow for about 45 minutes, making a very annoying noise, so I got to sleep late, woke late, still didn't get enough sleep, and I've been trying to catch up ever since. I probably never will.

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