rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Unquiet Stillness

The icy bits accumulating in the upper air have brought the usual winter displays of morning and evening color. I can't decide whether I prefer the soft, mauve and pink sunrises, or the red and gold sunsets. They're both quite nice. I'm glad that in the season when most of the flowering plants are dormant, the sky blooms twice each day.

This morning's wind has gone, and there is now a stillness in which the slightest sound carries for a great distance, so that I hear the barking of dogs beyond the orchard, the cars coming to a stop and then accelerating from the intersection a half mile away, and the drone of a small plane whose lights blink above the canyon on the far side of town. But mostly I hear the absence of any sound of insects. As I suddenly remember the constant hum of summer, the emptiness of the cold night grows more vast. I wish the wind would return.

In other news, further evidence that the meek are no longer content to wait patiently for their inheritance. "That will be $872.93. And which greeting would you like with your purchase?"

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