rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Blow Me Down

A gusty, blustery wind has come up, flinging bits of debris which periodically trigger the motion sensing automatic lights some of my neighbors have (to protect their property from all the renegade squirrels who might break in and steal their stainless steel flatware, I suppose.) I like the wind, though it threatens the power supply carried in lines hung from decrepit wooden poles adjacent to limb-shedding trees, which makes me reluctant to keep Sluggo operating for long while it is blowing. I'd rather be outside, anyway, feeling the gusts try to lift me off the ground. The wind chill is harsh. I wear my heaviest coat, and also both a knit cap and a hoodie, lest my ears freeze solid and break off. That would never do, as I'd be unable to hear the pines howl with delight at the wild ride they're being given. And the stars are so bright and sparkly on clear, cold, windy nights! Must go back out now, while darkness lasts.

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