rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I went out just in time to see a meteor. Those that are random and unexpected are always more enjoyable to me than those that are part of a shower. Reminders of all the stuff that's out there are a nice distraction from the crowding concerns of the world. Each tiny fragment that burns a faint streak and vanishes was once part of something much larger that wandered space even when dinosaurs wandered the fields of the earth. I sometimes wonder if dinosaurs ever noticed the stars, or saw the passing comets or the approaching meteor that made the hole in Yucatan. I sometimes wonder if little bits of Earth will one day burn out in the atmospheres of planets yet unborn. I sort of like the idea of some charred atoms of mine (formerly parts of turtles or roses or rocks) settling into a strange ocean lit by some distant star, ages and ages hence. I like to imagine it as I drift to sleep. I suspect that it might improve my dreams.

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