rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Too Bright

This is the time of year when I find leaves stuck to the floor all over the house. They get tracked in while damp, and as they dry they stick to linoleum. I peel them off and toss them several times a day. Those that end up on the carpet don't stick, but sometimes end up being cat toys, causing them to disintegrate, and then I find little leaf fragments all over the place. The implications are clear. The trees wish to reclaim the house. They are trying to build soil in which small plants may take root and begin the process of consuming the structure, so that, in time, the trees will have a place to plant their own progeny. Something there is that does not love a house.

The stars are a bit dim tonight. There might be some thin clouds forming, but I can't see them. My vision is diminished by the persistent porch lights and Christmas lights which are still burning, and the light leaking from windows along the street. I grow impatient for full darkness, and wish my neighbors would turn out their distracting lights and go to sleep. Some of them are probably not home, though, this being Friday night. They have gone off to some public entertainment or other, leaving their lights blazing until they return, hours hence. Where are the bulb-snatchers when you really need them?

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