rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Wind so persistent and so loud that it conceals the sound of the rain. Rain so near being ice that it makes the cold air seem almost mild. The cat is curled behind the drapes, near the heater vent. The furnace goes on and the drape billows out, trapping the heat. Kitties like to be warm. I worry about the raccoons, though, and the deer and other creatures in the woods and fields. Not willing to share my space, they must huddle under bushes, or in dense stands of trees, to avoid at least the greatest excesses of the wind. Even then, the chill rain must filter down and drip steadily on them. The beasts would likely prefer that snow with which I'd rather not deal. It looks as though I won't have to, for now. Despite the iciness of the rain, the temperature will rise a bit today, and the storm will continue to be merely wet. It would please me if the wind would cease its howling, though, even for a while. I'd like to listen to the water trickling. I'd like to know that the beasts of the night were not being assailed by the turbulent air.

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