rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Colder Still

A bright moon turns Orion wan and casts a glare over all the houses lately exposed by falling foliage. The night is all angular shadows, and raw wind making the pines moan. The mulberry leaves' audible dropping is constant. Soon, nothing will be left of autumn. Winter is rushing to bare the fields and make the mornings glitter with frost. Earth surrenders its hoarded heat. I turn on the faucet and the water runs icy cold. It is time for banked coals and closed drapes, and night's allure is frozen for a while. I feel sorry for the birds.

Sunday Verse

Lost in the Stars

by Gilbert Sorrentino

What of the diary
or journal dense
with notes on planets
and stars?

It looks like explanation
or an indication
of how things will go
or be resolved.

The Arkansas cloudburst
Red water washing away
green crayoned Venus red
crayoned Mars.

Whatever lambent purl is used
for border, out beyond time
some boot, inviolate, choked
with rusty mud in a silent field.

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