rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Terrible Beauty

Another fire has erupted east of the Feather River. What I had thought to be a big cloud over the foothills turned out to be a column of smoke. This is late in the season for a fire, but it has been dry this year. It is thought to be arson. Although fire is part of the natural cycle of the forest, and is essential to maintaining the health of the ecosystem, I still get pissed off at these twits who decide that they should be the ones who decide when and where the fires take place. If it is not to be left to nature, then the decision to burn sections of forest should be left to those who understand what function fire performs, and how it can be kept within bounds. Of course, if the forests had been properly managed, it would be more difficult for arsonists to interfere with the process; the extra brush which builds up as a result of ill advised fire prevention programs would not be available for burning. And there wouldn't be Forestry Department aircraft flying over the town this otherwise quiet evening, disturbing the hawks and crows.

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