rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The early-rising neighbor across the street had already turned on her porch light, when I (braving the icy air to fetch the morning paper) saw from the corner of my eye a brief flash streaking across the sky. I had forgotten, for the second night in a row, that this is the time of the Leonid meteor shower (AKA the Ass-freezing meteor shower.) The peak was early Wednesday morning, and the flash I spotted was a stray. Because the porch light was on, the sky was a bit washed out, but after watching a bit longer, I did see another meteor streak overhead.

Fortunately, there are two minor peaks of the shower expected this coming night, as the earth passes through the residue left by the 1333 and 1733 trails of the comet. The first, at about 10:42 pm PST will occur before the half moon has set, but the second will not arrive until about 1:49 am PST. Friday is expected to be cloudy, so the chances of fully clear sky late tonight are iffy. Still, I intend to remember this time!

But, oy, it is cold out there, even for November!

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