rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Patches of Blue

This storm (if storm it can be called- more of a nimbul drip, really) may have been a mediocrity at producing precipitation, but it is breaking up nicely. The afternoon sky has been a splendid display of silver, gray, blue and white, with shafts of light falling now and then to pick out some spot for the sun's special favor: first, some golden patch of oaks, then the deep green wall of a stand of pines, then the dark red of the dogwood, and again the oaks- each flash of color bursting from its dim surroundings, basking for a moment, then surrendering the spotlight to some other feature of the wet landscape. Every plant is bejeweled with drops of water, and every surface dark with damp.

The contrast betwee front yard and back is now remarkable. In the back yard, the walnut tree has dropped all but a few of its bright leaves, and its twiggy shadow now casts a ffiligreeacross the brocade it has lain on the lawn. In the front yard, the fruitless mmulberrystill holds most of its foliage, the outer leaves having turned a pale yellow green, and the under layer of leaves still a darker green. When the sun shines through the front window, it seems almost like spring, but all I need do to see the approach of winter is look out the back.

Still, the most arresting sight the day affords is that ttumultuous variegated sky, with its tumble of light and shade. I could watch it for hours.

Consistency, presented by crokocat.

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