rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The early and abundant rains of October have left the fields green, providing a pleasant backdrop for November's color. The peach tree by the driveway provides a bright splash of reddish gold, while many of the oaks now sport foliage of yellow gold. Most pleasing are the dogwoods, which have reached that stage when both leaves and berries are at their peak of color, and, depending on the light, the trees are mostly red or mostly maroon, with hints of fuchsia. But the most astonishing sight this year affords is the grass of the vacant house next door. So recently dry and brown, it is now turning the soft green of new growth. It's like having spring and autumn at once. I do like a fall with early rain.

There was a nice accumulation of clouds this afternoon, too, scattered in pale blue sky and catching the afternoon sunlight to fill the west with a silvery glow. The crisp air is autumnal perfection. The entire day has been like taking the first big bite of the first, tangy, sweet, crunchy apple of the season. Even the woodpeckers have been especially playful today, chuckling to one another as they dart from tree to tree. Now, evening is falling, and the clouds are thickening and turning a deep lavender gray. Maybe there will be more rain, whispering in the night.

The last katydids fell silent many days ago, and I didn't even note their passing. It's definitely autumn.

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