rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Happy Election Day!

I don't think I'll be watching the election returns tonight. The results won't change if I'm not glued to the television, and I see no point in watching a bunch of talking heads blather on about trends and swings and absentee ballots. It will turn out the way it turns out, and it will be exactly the same news in the end whether I'm tuned in all night or only at the last minute. (Of course, there's that chance that the last minute won't arrive for weeks, or months.) I might watch the Daily Show coverage on Comedy Central, because that will at least be amusing. But if there is to be a civil war, I can wait until the Wednesday morning paper arrives to find out about it.

My greatest hope now is that I don't get exit polled. That can be so painful, especially when it's done by some inexperienced, once-day-in-four-years amateur. Not to mention how embarrassing it can be when they insist on doing it to you in public! I'm so glad that election days don't happen more often.

For those who will need some cheering up, I offer this snippet of news I heard on an early newscast while fetching mom's late-night-snack tray; In the last two years, AOL has lost three million subscribers, and the decline is expected to continue. Civilization may be doomed, but at least there's a good chance that more and more lost souls will be released from AOhelL for a while before everything crashes down around our ears. Let us all be thankful for small victories.

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