rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


An unexpected mildness of the air led me to do a bit of yard maintenance this afternoon. I was awakened early the roar of a car with defective muffler, and would have been quite annoyed had the day not turned out to be so pleasant. Several small birds joined me in my task of clearing the lawn, though their contribution was slight, being confined to the removal of a few small seeds and, perhaps, a worm or two. I was rewarded with a lovely mauve and orange sunset, brought on by some late-arriving cirrus clouds. I could do this again.

My entries here have lately been somewhat sparse of content. The fault lies with Cinema Treasures, where I have been making a number of comments, adding to the trove of knowledge being accumulated at the site. I intend to add a few theaters not yet included in their collection, which task will undoubtedly take some time, considering the fact that I want to do it right. I'm quite pleased to have found the site, as I have long been fascinated by old movie theaters. Yes, yes, nostalgia is a terrible distraction, I know, but I will not forego this indulgence. It's as irresistible as popcorn at a double feature!

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