rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Calming the Deer

Stepping quietly out my front door tonight, I heard leaves crackling on the lawn. I turned on my flashlight, but shone it away from the direction from which the sound came, and gradually brought the beam around to where the edge of the cone of light illuminated a doe standing next to the rose bush, about twenty feet from my position. I stood very still, watching her from the corner of my eye, as she slowly walked across the yard toward the neighbor's house. She went into the neighbor's yard, and stood quietly for a moment. Then, something startled her and she ran down the block. After a moment, one of my cats came around the corner of my house. Apparently, it was she, climbing over our side yard fence, who had startled the deer. I have seen deer startled by cats before, but this deer, at least, seems to be growing accustomed to my presence. Now, if only she can grow accustomed to my inquisitive cats.

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