rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

What a Country!

If anyone has fantasies about those hot Secret Service guys with the dark suits and shiny shoes and sunglasses, anniesj has discovered a way that you can get them to visit you in your very own home! (She discretely doesn't mention it, but I hear that those Secret Service guys really pack the heat!) All you need to do is make a journal entry that can be construed as threatening to President Bush or Vice President Cheney. After November second (and the various recounts and court challenges and whatever) you will also be able to get the same personal attention from these muscled, aloof, brooding, official Federal studmuffins by making an entry that can be construed as threatening to President-elect Kerry or Vice President-elect Edwards. Republicans will be able get some Secret Service hotness, too, without compromising their political beliefs by threatening their own guys!

(Sorry, Nader haters. Apparently, nobody gives a rat's ass about poor Ralph. I guess you'll have to make do with videos.)

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