rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The night sky has been full of that subtle drama which is produced by the combination of clouds and a large moon. A spectacle of shifting light and shade continued hour after hour as clouds formed, drifted and dissolved. Having spent much of the day in observing clouds, one would think that I'd have had enough of them. One would be wrong. The allure of clouds is even greater by night. I was out watching them until my ears were numb with cold. It was well worth it.

It's a good thing that the sky decided to entertain me tonight, as my ISP has misbehaved badly. It takes a long time to get a connection, and then the connection turns out to be bad. After several failed attempts with it, I have finally resorted to using Juno again. I hope my e-mail isn't getting bounced.

Once I got online, I went to look at Cinema Treasures, a site that is attempting to build a large collection of information about movie theaters by gathering it from their users, wickipedia style. I found a number of factual errors in their posts, and an even more astonishing array of misinformation in comments left by their users. It makes me question the value of all the information on their site, even though I know at least some of it to be accurate. I might have to join, just so I can correct some few of their mistakes. The pictures are nice, though.

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