rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Obscured Events

A fog, then the waxing moon ghostly among clouds. Later, they tatter and flee, after the moon has set, and only stars glitter in the black sky, the icy air. As I absorb their light and the silence, and the cold, there is a sudden crack, louder than an acorn hitting a metal roof, then a rustle as of rapid wind through leaves, but there is no wind, and last a loud whump of something striking the ground. I think that the oak in the back yard next door, or perhaps one of those over the back fence, has dropped a good-sized branch, but the night is too dark to tell. In a while, pale light will rise from the east and I will be able to see. I sometimes worry about the large branches which overhang the house. The oaks are lovely, but prone to suffer a concealed decay. It is one of the disadvantages of having giants for neighbors.

Also, I found this; When I was a kid, I saw many movies at this place. (Dial-up warning: more than sixty pictures on that page.) So many places I remember have fallen into disuse, or are gone altogether, that I am pleased to see this restoration.

Sunday Verse

On Gay Wallpaper

by William Carlos Williams

The green-blue ground
is ruled with silver lines
to say the sun is shining

And on this moral sea
of grass or dreams lie flowers
or baskets of desires

Heaven knows what they are
between cerulean shapes
laid regularly round

Mat roses and tridentate
leaves of gold
threes, threes and threes

Three roses and three stems
the basket floating
standing in the horns of blue

Repeated to the ceiling
to the windows
where the day

Blows in
the scalloped curtains to
the sound of rain

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