rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Rain is back tonight, but it's warmer than the last storm and, thus far, quite genteel. This is the more typical, well-mannered autumn storm one would expect in October. After an hour or so of soft mists, it settled down to a steady pattering, seldom disturbed by even a mild breeze. It is a rain for reading and tea drinking and woolgathering. I can leave my windows open and listen to it without freezing, as long as I wear a sweater. Yesterday afternoon, which was quite mild, the street sported a pale brown coat of pine needles. The rain will turn them a deeper color, and when the sun next emerges they will be coppery red. The streets always look nice when lined with wet pine needles. I am currently hopeful of two things: that normal autumn weather will now prevail, and that there will be no clouds for the lunar eclipse on the 27th.

Oh, there's a third thing; My Internet connection has been incredibly slow tonight, and I suspect that the telephone box is getting damp, so I hope for an afternoon dry spell today, long enough that the box can dry out, and allow me to replace its worn rain hat.

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