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Putzing about on the Interweb is something I haven't done for a long time, Sluggo being so temperamental in the warm weather and all. I didn't intend to putz around tonight, but I started playing with image search engines and got hung up. I'm now realizing that pictures probably get posted to the Internet much faster than entries are posted to journals at LJ, and that happens (at peak times) at a rate of more than 400 times per minute. So, I would guess that pictures are posted to the Internet at a rate of several thousand per minute these days. This raises the question how will I ever see them all?

Now I'm depressed.

Oh, well. I guess it isn't essential that I see every single picture posted online. It's just a case of my OCD acting up. I'll probably get by if I can see, oh, say one or two percent of them. But I'm still going to need a much faster Internet connection to do that. And sleep is out of the question from now on. I have to stay awake for the rest of my life, or I might miss something. I must waste more time!

Also, I am amazed that there are now no fewer than three television shows (that I know of) which are about nothing but people shopping for houses. I am even more amazed that I have been watching them! I have no idea why I find it so fascinating to see people snooping about other people's dwellings on television, but I get hung up on this, too. I fear that having 150 or so channels of cable is making me stupid.

Meanwhile, in the real world, it was a lovely night here. The moon is getting fat, and there were clouds which I enjoyed watching for a while, despite the continued prematurely wintry chill in the air. There was a particular moment when the moon and clouds were arranged in such a way that I could stand in my yard so that the moon was concealed behind the trunk of a pine tree a hundred feet away, and the moonlight illuminated a patch of cloud that was also behind the tree, so that the complex tangle of branches and needles was perfectly back lit. I got hung up looking at that, too, but that didn't make me feel as though I were wasting time, or that it would turn me stupid. My conclusion is that maybe the moon does not cause lunacy. Maybe television and the Interweb cause lunacy.

I think I'll sleep on it.

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