rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,



It came suddenly, after a lull in the rain. Furious wind, torrents of rain, fogs sweeping by like huge ghosts, the house rattling and vibrating from both thunderclaps and the drumming of hailstones, chunks of tree flying across the yard, and a premature dusk enveloping the forest. Then, an eerie golden light as the storm abated, and there were placid pools of rainwater reflecting thin patches of blue. Evening settled in, silent except for the occasional splash of water drops falling from the trees. A perfect end to a perfect day.

The poor cat got caught in the storm, though. I had no idea she was outside. Afterwards, she came to the door, mewing loud complaints. Her fur was wet and spiky, and she was not at all pleased. For revenge, she left muddy paw prints all through the house. I gave her a can of her favorite food as compensation for the traumatic adventure. That kitty hates rain.
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