rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It made for a dusty and dirty afternoon, but the rain gutters are all cleaned out, so they won't be dammed if there is heavy rainfall within the next couple of weeks. After that, the new crop of leaves will have filled them up again, though there will be much less accumulated dirt. The first gutter purging of the fall is always the worst-- unless we have a large, cold storm while there is a substantial accumulation of fallen leaves. That gets nasty, with soggy, icy clumps of dead leaves clogging everything.

The smoke from the distant fires is dragging a haze over the sky, and the smell of burnt sugar is still permeating the house. Between them, they create a sense of looming disaster which I can't quite shake, though I know it to be false. My senses are a bit stronger than my brain these days. There are strange autumn dreams, too, of which I remember only fragments and haunting images. My head should clear a bit once the days cool off again. Now, I must vacuum the room, as I foolishly forgot to close my windows while the detritus was being flung from the gutters. Dumbness.

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