rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Fuzzy Brain

As I was awakened much too early yesterday, I expected to be sleepy by now, but I'm not. I would also have expected the katydids to have shut up by this time of night, but at least one of them is still making a racket. A mutant? It seems possible. I hope it doesn't come into the house and devour me as I sleep.

Sleepy though I'm not, I am certainly punchy. I also suspect my neck of being about to go out of place again. My own neck is out to get me! I might make an appointment to have it adjusted, as a precaution.

I have just realized that I'm much too muddled to make sense at the moment. I will attempt to clear my head with fresh night air. I might have odd dreams today, as that is often the case after a day when I have not had enough sleep. Let there be no katydids in them!
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