rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Delicious October

The moon, now down to a broad grin, casts pale light. The clumps of darkness that are trees and bushes are mostly silent, but now and then a leaf will fall. The sound carries even from the oaks near the street's end. Autumn is as yet tentative. A few weeks hence, the rustle of falling leaves will be commonplace, and roofs will be drummed by acorns clattering earthward. I am eager for those long, shadowy nights when gusts of wind make branches creak and twigs snap like dry bones, and tatters of cloud go flying across the moon. It will be good to turn my collar up, zip my jacket, stick my hands in my pockets for warmth, and stand in the midst of the hissing lawn to watch the sparkling stars a while, then go indoors to let my ears thaw and to drink spicy hot orange tea.

Tonight, while it is yet fairly mild, I assuaged my autumnal cravings with a couple of those very light, crunchy and aromatic Stella D'oro cookies they call Breakfast Treats. (The "natural and artificial flavors" mentioned among the ingredients are not revealed, but I know one of them to be almond extract.) Breakfast Treats, indeed! They are much too dramatic to be consumed in the morning sunlight. They cry out to be eaten in a dimly lit room, while the chilly late night dew collects on the dark persimmons and pomegranates.

Another online quiz has been created by yansa. It is too odd not to be posted.

Voynichese Graffiti On The Phaistos Disc
Voynichese Graffiti On The Phaistos Disc

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