rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Monday Being Monday

Goodness, it's warm today! I keep hoping that some of that fog I've been hearing about will make its way down here from Oregon and Washington, but instead we're getting Fresno's fruit-ripening heat. There's no need of that here, since just about everything has been harvested already. (Incidentally, this year California growers have harvested over a billion pounds of almonds for the first time. A billion pounds! That's just nuts!) Anyway, the fan is back in the window and will probably be there all night. It's so noisy that I can't even hear the katydids.

I just noticed that a new link has appeared on my user info page. It reveals that I have 7 pictures at LJ photo hosting. Apparently, every paid user who has uploaded pictures to their space there now has a link to them on their user info page. I wonder if having the link displayed is an opt-out feature? If it isn't, I expect to soon see some drama over it in paidmembers.

I had some other thoughts, but the heat has driven them from my mind. It's back to the iced tea!

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